It has been just under a year since I last posted here, which is ridiculous. I will throw out there, though – a perhaps feeble excuse, that school was quite a bit more difficult than I expected it to be. And I went in expecting it to be really hard. I’m a perfectionist, though, and a procrastinator (which equates to also being a masochist), so I spent nine months feeling like I might die. There were tears and frequently far too little sleep, but I did excellently & am so happy & am so grateful. It took me 35 years to find my path, and I walk down it knowing that I am a lucky one. Gratitude is something I hope I will for all my days keep close to my heart & at the forefront of my mind.

Last September I failed at the quitting smoking thing, and I didn’t even try after that until about two weeks ago. During that time I have had two cigarettes. I would like to lie and write that I’ve had none, but that’s the whole “addictive thinking” thing I need to avoid. Anyhoo, I’m thinking / hoping I’m on my way to avoiding cigarettes all together. Two in two weeks, after all, isn’t such a bad record.

Also on the topic of addiction, I’m well into the planning for this year’s tea party. Invitations have gone out, and most of my outfit for the affair has been ordered. I’ve found the bow tie I will be ordering (from Beau Ties, which supports marriage equality with its profits) & I’ve bookmarked several pairs of socks between which I will eventually decide. I own the shirt I will wear, but I first have to decideĀ which of the shirts I own I will wear – it’s really that decision that will determine the socks. Moving away from the outfit, some more china & champagne glasses (for a non-alcoholic champagne substitute & elder flower syrup concoction) & a couple of pieces of crystal & two very pretty colored glass cake pedestals were acquired for this year’s affair, and I think all else is handled. Save for the final decision of which tea sandwiches we will serve. Phillip will be helping decide, but we likely won’t do that until next month.

I’m still fat.