Cat asks if she can practice Reiki on me.  She wants to move my energy, apparently, so we decide the back porch to be the best place.  The back porch is my calm place – I have out there eight varieties of heirloom tomatoes, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapeno and bell peppers; I have two betas, some floor pillows, a beautifully painted cabinet, several candles, and largish white lights strung from the ceiling.  We live on the top floor and have great sun exposure.  There are on both ends of the porch birds nests, both with chirping little baby birds.

I finish making my salsa, we chat, I walk outside, I am dubious.

Cat gave me a ring a while ago, saying it would help pull my negative energy from me.  My friends know of my constant anxiety, and Cat thinks it a malady of my energy.  As we walk outside I am fingering the ring, spinning it ’round my finger, per usual with me and rings.

Cat has me lay on my back and places stones at various points on my body.  I close my eyes, still dubious.  Perhaps even more dubious now than as I walked out here.  But I know and love Cat, and I trust even her slightly outlandish beliefs.  There are only sounds of nature, mainly comforting sounds from the birds nests.

My eyes closed, Cat begins her practice.  The weight of the small stones seems somehow to increase, my chest feels constricted, my face feels warm and then hot.  My breathing must have become more labored because Cat asks if I’m OK.  I tell her I’m experiencing some oddness but, yeah, I’m OK.  She continues.

My face becomes uncomfortably warm, the stones feel heavy, and my chest feels as though a small child is sitting on me.

Then there is a shift, something changes:  both birds nests grow frantically noisy, the weight of the stones becomes undeniably greater, my face feels like I’ve sat on a beach far too long, and the constriction of my chest leaves me finding it difficult to breath.

Then there is no weight from the stones, the heat disappears from my face, and my chest feels as it had before Cat began.  The nests are calm again, but during the ruckus a baby bird has fallen from its nest.  And the ring Cat gave me lies on the floor of the porch broken into three pieces as if smashed by a hammer.  I feel calm & have a moment of peace.