I went to Silberman to man the table for the Student/Faculty Senate and to co-facilitate an information session for the incoming class, both of which were fun. My trip confirmed what I’ve been thinking: I’m so ready for school to start. I feel my life is so very on track (yes, I know this can change in a moment, Madame Jinx), and I’m just chomping at the bit, as is said, to get on with it. I’m always looking to run to the next place, and this needs to stop. I haven’t lately been focusing on trying to ground myself in the present; in fact, I haven’t even been checking to keep my horses in order. I know I’m not surrounded by white or even white-ish blue, and I find that I’m having difficulty even caring. This is, I’m pretty sure, a warning sign. When you close your eyes while driving, you’re very likely going to have an accident.

Note to self: Consider the title of What’s the Point.