ARTICLE: Soldiers Wait For One Last Gift Before Deployment

This makes me, well, feel so much: happy, sad, proud, grateful. I personally know people who look down judgmentally on our soldiers, convinced they are terrible, convinced being in the military means you degrade/torture prisoners of war. Yes, there are soldiers who demean the uniform & most certainly aren’t deserving of our support, but this is not the vast majority of them. Whatever you think about our military, know this: without the United States military’s role throughout history, you would not even have the privilege of speaking out against them. Our soldiers throughout history have, among many other accomplishments:

1.) Run out the Brits & created our nation. The genocide of the Native Americans that occurred is a conversation to be had unto itself, but had the American Revolution not happened, you wouldn’t have a country about which to complain.
2.) Saved the Union & ended slavery.
3.) Defeated Hitler & saved Europe (and saved us from Hitler’s grasp, as well).
4.) Kept the Soviet Union from imposing on the world its bastardized, murderous version of Communism
5.) Stopped quite a few genocide campaigns of the last 20 years.
6.) So many other campaigns for which they are negatively judged by some when they rather ought to be thanked.

Some of the folks I know, and even respect on many matters, judge the military based not upon their accomplishments, but rather upon the unfortunate & sometimes terrible decisions that are made not by the military but are made by the President, their Commander in Chief. DO NOT BLAME THE MILITARY FOR THE FAULTS OF OUR PRESIDENTS!

A special shout out to the people in my life who have given much for our country: Teri Lindsey, Ashley Marie Jolly & Marlin Jolly, Kimberly Lindsey Norville & Matthew Norville, & most of all my little bro, Shea.