Today was the October meeting of the Faculty Curriculum Committee, and it was interesting, as expected. There is a professor with whom I have never, until today, held a conversation, but who shoots venom at me! Around the middle of the meeting, he did so again because I asked about student government information being tweaked in the Student Handbook, which is being revised. Details are unnecessary.

Anyhoo, at a latter point Blackboard was discussed and mention was made of disgruntled students not wanting to do it, telling professors they were the only professor that made them do it, that sort of thing. That’s baloney, in my mind, because Blackboard has been something I’ve had to use in most of my classes, and while it’s not the cat’s pajamas, it’s a tool that prods us to further our learning. There was also discussion of professional seminar and mention that students were going into it unprepared to integrate everything we are learning. This fit nicely with a discussion about changing the grading system to letters rather than honors/credit/no credit, and I stated – being deliberate in noting that I was speaking only for myself here – that faculty most certainly give us the tools needed to fit the puzzle pieces of our education together. I said that it is up to us, as adults & graduate students, to take the initiative to do so, and that I know as fact, first-hand, that some students simply do not care because they need only do enough to get a credit. Soooo, the professor who seemed poisonous…he thanked me and was really nice to me afterwards. Score.

A big “however,” though, is that I ticked off another person in the meeting. She is not faculty, so this one doesn’t really disturb me so much as irritate me. The Senate is conducting a survey, and I presented the curriculum-related results (as of 10:25am today) to the faculty via handouts. So this individual piped up after I handed them out and said I should have distributed them Friday; I responded I wanted faculty to have the most current results of this still-in-process survey, and that is why I didn’t distribute them earlier. She said I should have anyway. We moved on.

After the meeting, I spoke to the professor who no longer seemed to hate me and then to the Associate Dean and then to a professor whose class I was in last semester, and then I spoke to this woman who found issue with me having expected Silberman faculty to be capable of examining three graphs covering five questions in only a few minutes. I’m crazy, right? Surely these Ph.D.s needed a whole weekend for that! Back to speaking with her. I told her I hope she didn’t find me rude in our brief exchange, and she said she didn’t but reiterated that I should have sent the graphs out on Friday. I responded, simply, “I disagree.” She was freagin’ AGHAST! “You Disagree?!” “Yes, I think three-day old results of an ongoing survey would have been irrelevant.” She wasn’t happy. But I didn’t want to end on a sour note so asked if she would be attending the Common Day Senate meeting. I don’t know if she will be or not, but I do know this: she is “disappointed with the Senate.”

I don’t know who this woman thinks she is in the scheme of things, but we Senators were not elected by her, do not represent her, and frankly, I have no interest in what she thinks of us.

So…score 1 – professor doesn’t seem to hate me anymore & score 2 – I didn’t back down to an individual who needs to Back the eff up!