I realize the post for last year’s high tea is only a few posts down from this one; the year got away from me. For that I am sorry – not to the non-readers of this site (very, very few know of its existence) – because I won’t have the record of this time of my life that I had really hoped to document.

This year’s tea was even more successful than last year’s. I loved it so very much. I am incredibly grateful to have such wonderful friends, and I am thankful these folks were able to make it to this important anniversary: not just being born, but for being reborn through sobriety & entrance into recovery.

Here’s a link to a video that captures everyone who attended, and below are some pictures of me with Pip & my besties. And of course there is a picture that captures the truly beautiful table setting.

High Tea Video: https://plus.google.com/102477168197793890998/posts/ZpKSjryqRgU


Pip & Ryan