Today was the first day back at school. I was so ready. Interestingly, in my first class a peer mentioned research he had helped conduct on the connection between boredom and relapse. I hadn’t linked my boredom to my recent thoughts (very frequent thoughts) of alcohol, and after hearing it, I thought Wow, that was obvious! This might have been a circumstance of my addict mind totally pulling the wool in front on my logical mind’s eye. Perhaps the psychic energy involved in maintaining my sobriety was the cause of my bad moods?

So about school….I’m confident – so far – that I’m going to like my Research and my Human Sexuality professors. Time shall tell.

By far the best thing about today was seeing all my peers again – learning about their summers, discussing with them recent goings on in the world, gossiping. After classes a group of us went to a bar to socialize and celebrate being back. I had these tasty beef arepitas that kind of blew my mind, particularly since I hadn’t a clue what they were before they landed in front of me. I sat behind a long table, pretty much trapped, and I found myself feeling safe and comfortable. What I mean to convey is that being in a bar wasn’t at all uncomfortable for me. This particular place is where we also celebrated having finished our first year, and on that occasion I was uncomfortable. Notably, I was exhausted then, but also, it was tremendously helpful having nibbles and keeping myself surrounded by friends rather than exposed to the room.

I made the journey home with a couple of folks who I’d not seen all summer and who I like quite a lot, so that was fun. One of them, Dara, and I were about to get into a likely juicy discussion of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians…pretty sure she thinks as do I. I’m anxious to get back to that one!